Event Registration
Your registration process represents your attendees’ first immersive experience with your event. With stakes that high, we develop a custom registration package that becomes a seamless extension of your event branding and experience.

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Event Registration

When companies need a partner to create and manage world-class registration experiences, they turn to Lightspeed. Our proven event professionals have more than 20 years’ experience designing and building fully branded, engaging, interactive mobile event solutions that work across all platforms, for events all over the globe.

24-7 Service
We are here for you when you need us, delivering the highest quality of service and expertise so you always look good for your guests. Our development team offers continuous site monitoring and the ability to adapt digital content around the clock.
360 Degree Coverage
From event design to contract negotiations to site hosting, we do it all, with a registration system built exactly for your needs.
Easy Check-in & Easy to Make Changes
Our expertise in mobile app usability and design delivers the perfect solution for both you, as event host, and your guests. Our custom registration tools ensure all your guests feel like VIPs. Because they are.

Any functionality your event registration requires, our team can develop. A fresh new site? Or a backend registration solution for your current website? Yes, and yes. We make your vision a reality with unified emails, page templates, badges, signage, social media integration and more, all aligned with your event strategy and brand identity guidelines.

“Venture Capital is all about relationships, which makes Lightspeed a great fit for our organization. Bryan is a visionary, and together with the Lightspeed team, he continuously brings strategic and thoughtful plans to the table so we can make our business better. And I never worry about execution because they have proven time over time that it will be solid.”
– Vice President of Global Events, Bessemer Venture Partners
Event Registration Insight:
Event registration feels like herding cats? Here’s some catnip.

Let's create amazing things together.

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Let's create amazing things together.